"Love Over Fear"

"Beloved ones of Earth, it is at this time that we encourage you to hold love in your hearts instead of fear. Let your actions, your thoughts, and your words come from a place of love and respect for all of humankind, including yourselves. THIS is how true change is had. You must first allow for internal change before outward change can be had amongst the collective. Inner change occurs within the individual, which is then projected outward so the collective may be influenced in a positive way by this love energy. Change is a process. Change is frightening because it is unknown. Change is necessary for growth and development. So we say to you, hold your heads high and keep your hearts full of love. Focus your intentions on the change you wish to be created in the world and then strive to make those same changes in YOUR life. We are with you all, helping and guiding and sharing love as humanity and the Earth evolves to make way for the Age of Peace and Understanding. It has already begun. Trust, believe, and love."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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