"Love and Expansion"

"Beloved ones of Earth, as you continue to make choices that support your best and highest good, the love and positive vibrations growing within you are projected into the world for all to feel and embody, which works within THEM to grow love and positives vibrations as well. The Ripple Effect. So, we urge you to continue to focus on what makes YOU feel happy, uplifted, joyful, and at peace. When you focus on YOUR world with the intention of allowing peace and love to flow to and through you, THE WORLD is impacted. Your choices matter. What you think matters. What you feel and choose to hold onto matter. So, with love for yourself and all of humankind, continue to focus on self improvement and encourage and uplift yourself as you journey forward, one step at a time. We are with all of you, surrounding you in light, love, and encouragement as well. Your choices matter, including what you choose to feel about yourself. Love and appreciate yourself for who you are NOW and allow yourself to grow and expand WITH love for the journey."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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