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July 7 - July 13, 2024

From the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck: Completion - A life comes to a spectacular close.

Taken from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook:

"Here is a warm and cheerful energy that brings calm to an ending, making it poignant, not sad. Something is taking place outside your comfort zone, so step into the emotional grace of completion. There is no drama here, only resolution.

  • Legend: He was raised in an orphanage and never wore new boots until he enlisted in the army in 1942. By the end of the war, he was a decorated veteran and had survived what many of his brothers had not. Later, he became an actor. He was well-loved. But history will remember him as a war hero. When he was finally laid to rest, Goddess smiled upon him as she received him into the heavens.

  • Inspiration: This is a reminder to cherish all the beauty in your life, including endings. Reflect upon your part in history and discover what you value most. Do not fear completion, embrace it.

  • Personal Inquiry: Am I present in the moment? How do I respond to the idea of completion?

  • Key Ideas: Honoring your legacy, a natural ending to a grand adventure, a new beginning on the horizon, a new adventure, honoring those who give to us

  • Keywords: Achievement, determination, fulfillment

  • Meditation: Allow all your feelings about endings to come to you, whatever they may be. Do you fear them or rejoice in them? Do some journaling to find clarity here."


*There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to generalized readings. You must analyze the energies present in your own life based on the relationships, situations, struggles, successes, dreams, and fears you are currently dealing with in order to apply this guidance into your daily life this week.

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