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Guidance for the Month of September (Oracle Card Reading)

Cards intuitively selected from the Crystal Reading Oracle Cards deck:

  1. Pink Tourmaline: Forgiveness

  2. Libyan Gold Tektite: Manifestation

  3. Boji Stones: Balance

"Beloved ones, as you go through the month of September, we first urge you all to come to a place of acceptance of all that has occurred, particularly that that has been out of your control, and make peace with it. In doing so, you are freed to open up your heart and your mind and align with the energies of manifestation. Once energy that no longer serves you is released, especially energies that are tied to low vibrations or that continuously feed or fuel negative emotions, you are then free to move forward in a more balanced state of being - mind, body, and emotions - with an open mind and open heart to support where you are headed."

*This information was shared from Kelly's Spirit Guide Robert.

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