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Guidance for the Month of November (Oracle Card Reading)

Cards intuitively selected from the Energy Oracle Cards deck:

  1. Reversed Broken Heart

  2. Contract

  3. Reversed Community

"Beloved ones, truths are being revealed and illusions are being broken. While this can be painful it is necessary in order for you all to restore balance in your inner and outer worlds, to pull your focus inward, and to focus on what is important. The Universe is ushering in energies that force truths to come to light in order to restore balance, and this first happens when illusions are released so that healing can begin. Know that you are eternally supported as you heal and potentially grieve the illusion, whether it be tied to a circumstance or a relationship, but know that you must be willing to embrace the truth, do the inner work that comes with healing and release, and find peace in what is. This is the first step to restoring balance and peace, first in the self and then in the world."

*This information was shared from Kelly's Spirit Guide Robert.

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