"Grant Yourself Freedom"

"Beloved ones of Earth, it is time for you all to turn your sights inward and ask yourself "Who I am? What do I want from life? How can I achieve this goal?" Many of you have been placing your needs and wants on hold as you have navigated through this difficult time, which has been a learning and growing experience within itself for ALL, but now it is time to examine your life, examine who YOU are, and grant yourself the freedom to begin pursuing your goals and passions. For what is life if it has not been lived, and it is through your passions in which you will find the direction to live your life. As you all begin to take steps forward know that it is impossible to take with you what it not supporting of these goals, whether it be toxic relationships, stagnant emotions tied to the past, or fear of change. Let them all go and trust in your own strength as well as the Universe that the choices you make WILL build a strong foundation for the manifestation of your goals."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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