"Fill your Hearts with Love"

"Beloved ones of Earth, as you continue to release from within and around you what no longer supports your best and highest good as you awaken and ascend, we urge you to be gentle, patient, and trusting of the process. All has been building to this point, a climax of energies, and November will provide the resolution and opportunity for closure on an individual and collective level. We urge you once more to step back from ALL fear based action and activities and surround yourself with and focus on positive and love energies. This will not only act as a grounding force for you as you continue to take steps forward during this chaotic time on Earth but will also help keep your energies protected from the continued negativity that is flaring up from a resistance of change. Take heart, beloved ones, and know that we are with you ALL. Go in peace and love and fill your hearts, minds, and lives with joy, love, and positivity. For what you focus on is indeed projected into the world."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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