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February 4 - February 10, 2024

From the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck: ISOLATION - I've got all I could ever need, right here.

Taken from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook:

"A childlike playfulness is hidden under Sapphire's serious, elegant exterior. This card denotes wealth and an ability to do anything well. Trust and loyalty are indicated. Saphire also has a great capacity for healing.

  • Legend: Sapphire is blue. Occasionally, he gets invited somewhere, but invariably he turns the invitation down. After all, what would he wear/ He bought a tux once, "just in case," but won't wear it because he might spill something on it. Besides, going out would alter his routine. He's tried to meet people, but hasn't met anyone "of his caliber." So, Sapphire stays home alone and remains quite blue.

  • Inspiration: Do not wait for the right time to live your life. You are on the verge of something bit, but if you don't participate it could pass you by.

  • Personal Inquiry: Sapphire does not know the difference between isolation and solitude. Do I?

  • Key Ideas: Self-protection, making excuses, over-preparing, never feeling ready to take action

  • Keywords: Celebration, experiences, play

  • Meditation: Think of something that you have been putting off - a vacation, calling a friend, painting the house... Close your eyes and imagine yourself totally involved in the activity. Come back when you are ready. Now, taking action will be that much simpler."


*There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to generalized readings. You must analyze the energies present in your own life based on the relationships, situations, struggles, successes, dreams, and fears you are currently dealing with in order to apply this guidance into your daily life this week.

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