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February 25 - March 2, 2024

From the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck: IMPATIENCE - If I don't take care of it, it'll never happen.

Taken from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook:

"Your desire to create may overpower the necessity of aligning with diving timing. The time to shine will come. Move with the energy and not in front of it; being present has its own reward.

  • Legend: Etan grows impatient waiting for dawn, so he buys a used moon. Once it is in the sky, he steps back to see his handiwork. The moon will not stay in pace unless he holds his cord. Sky God assures him that dawn will come when he lets go, but Etan is fearful and grips onto the cord until he falls asleep and releases it. When he awakens, dawn has come and the radiant light in the sky is blocked only by his used moon.

  • Inspiration: Now is not the time to make a rushed decision. You have made your needs known, now leave it alone. you may block something wonderful from coming to you if you are hasty.

  • Personal Inquiry: Am I jumping the gun? If I am honest with myself, am I forcing something?

  • Key Ideas: Scarcity-thinking, being exhausted by your efforts, success through patience

  • Keywords: Unfolding, revelation, success

  • Meditation: Imagine something you strongly desire. The Electric Blue Moon appears and begins to cool the heat of your emotions. Write down any communication you receive in the moonlight - it is a message from the Council of the Great Spirits."


*There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to generalized readings. You must analyze the energies present in your own life based on the relationships, situations, struggles, successes, dreams, and fears you are currently dealing with in order to apply this guidance into your daily life this week.

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