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Exciting Shop News!

Happy July! First off, ALL of our listings are now available in the shop! Woohoo! And we're celebrating that with a 50% off sale on all courses and instant downloads and 25% off all books!

We are also excited to announce a brand-new reading inspired by shamanism and the shamanic turn our dreams have taken lately as well as our special July oracle card reading. Read about them below!

This shamanic guidance reading will help you uncover guidance about yourself and your life at this time that will facilitate the clarity needed to move forward with greater understanding about yourself, your needs and desires, and hidden emotions that may be keeping you in a place of self-limiting beliefs and patterns.

This reading includes a channeled message from one of your shamanic guides, a 15-minute Reiki session, and a 6 card spread from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck to provide the following guidance:

  • What do I most need to know at this time?

  • What do I need to release so that I may move forward with confidence?

  • Where is my focus needed at this time?

  • What hidden gifts are surfacing at this time?

  • What inner parts of myself need my attention at this time?

  • What hidden or repressed emotions are currently affecting me?

*Only available for the month of July: Invite energies supporting forward movement in your life to encourage and promote positive personal growth and expansion.

  1. We will intuitively pull 3 cards from the Energy Oracle Cards Deck. 

  • Card 1. Past energies and/or patterns

  • Card 2. Present understanding of where you are now

  • Card 3. Direction for moving forward

  1. A picture of your cards will be shared with you.

  2. You will receive a channeled message (1 paragraph in length) from your spiritual team explaining the cards pulled and how to understand your past tendencies to promote positive personal growth and expansion.

Blessings in love and light!

Ellen and Kelly

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