April 4 - April 10, 2021

From the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Deck: Creation - I will guide you to your muse.

Taken from Chakra Wisdom Oracle Guidebook:

"Letting go of old ideas and allowing new growth are primary now. The mission you have been on may be complete. A new dawn is coming and it is time to open yourself to divine inspiration. The message here is: "Let go - you no longer need to be the warrior.

  • Legend: In a time before history, She Shaman walks the earth, bestowing artistic talents on a select few. Once day she rests under a birch tree. "Hey!" says Birch. "I want my muse, too!" Birch entertains She Shaman for a long time, singing and telling tales. She Shaman smiles. "My great friend, you have had your art all along." She vows that from then on she will give everyone their own gift. To this day, She Shaman has never left us; we see her inside every creative work.

  • Inspiration: Your path is an artistic one. Express you love in a tangible art form. It is time to make decisions.

  • Personal Inquiry: Am I waiting for someone's permission to create my life? What do I need to see in order to claim my own gifts?

  • Key Ideas: Opening to magic; lasting transformation; divine feminine; awakening creativity; finding your muse; owning your gifts

  • Keywords: Creativity, muse, magic"

My take away of the underlying message - Listen to your heart and soul, as they are telling you what you truly desire, and then take the steps to honor yourself. Self care through creation and doing what you love helps you connect with Spirit and your Higher Self as well as creates a balance within life. You are the Creator of your life. Focus on what brings you feelings of love, joy, and satisfaction within the ups and downs of the journey of life.

*There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to generalized readings. You must analyze the energies present in your own life based on the relationships, situations, struggles, successes, dreams, and fears you are currently dealing with in order to apply this guidance into your daily life this week.

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