Need Food for Thought? Chew on this!

*This story was originally published in "Chew on This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder", a book of inspirational short stories by Gary Brock and Kelly Tuck, and is available for purchase here!

*Words of wisdom for inspirational thought are at the end of the story!


Frankie and Freddie Fly spent the entire day in exploration. They found the sweetness of blooming flowers and helped pollinate others as they flew through the garden. They found some fresh dog poop to land on and laid some eggs to ensure a future generation of bug- eyed, winged creatures. They flew in the cracked window of a parked car and found an old French fry to spit on just for fun. Everywhere they flew seemed to hold some new territory for them to explore.

However, their favorite discovery was an opened two-car garage of a brick house. The garage door had been disabled, allowing them to fly in and out, up and down, and all around with ease. While inside the garage, they raced from wall to wall and from corner to corner. To their delight, Frankie and Freddie also found a food bowl for the dog who napped on the cool concrete floor. They helped themselves to an afternoon snack by munching on the leftover food and immediately took a dip in the water bowl resting beside it. The flies decided they would definitely visit the “resort” again...and bring some friends to show off their discovery.

As soon as the sun had soaked up all the dew, they returned to the garage with several flying friends trailing close behind. Frankie and Freddie led races from one wall to the other and from one corner to the next. Just as before, the flies flew high and low, to and fro.

It just so happened that very close to the front right corner of the garage was the start of a new home for Samantha the spider. Samantha had recently moved into the garage from one of the bushes planted outside of the garage. She knew it was almost time for her home to be pruned, not to mention the outdoor temperature was on the rise, so she decided to relocate to a cooler, safer location.

Samantha was just beginning to spin the support strands for her new home when, all of a sudden, a burst of wind flew by her, knocking her off course. She needed all eight of her legs to keep from falling to the hard ground below. Shaking her head to gather her senses, Samantha once again began to spin the sturdy support strands. Just as before, a blast of wind blew past her. She could see that a stream of flies had torn her line.

After collecting herself, Samantha decided to crawl back into the farthest corner and watch the races from a safe distance. Finally after about an hour or so, the flies grew tired of their games and left the garage. Without the risk of being interrupted again, Samantha spun her support strands.

The next day, Frankie, Freddie, and their friends returned to their new hang out and began their aerodynamic games. Closer and closer they flew to Samantha’s staked-out homestead. Suddenly, with a burst of speed, they flew through her house strands, although the flies didn’t notice what they were flying through. Samantha merely watched from her high corner on the wall. Just as before, after an hour or so of fun, the flies flew home.

Day after day, Frankie and Freddie flew over to the garage to play, race, and see what other mysteries the garage held. Some days the whole crew came with Frankie and Freddie, and some days it was just Frankie and Freddie. And, day after day, the flies flew through Samantha’s strands, which, day after day, were beginning to take the desired shape of her dwelling - a web.

The flies flew with reckless abandon without noticing that each day they were breaking through more and more strands. In fact, they really hadn’t even noticed the strands at all! Each time the flies went through Samantha’s strands, she patiently reweaved them before adding more.

One day as they flew through, Frankie thought he felt a gentle tug. He rested on the wall as Freddie soon landed beside him. “Did you feel anything when you flew through that corner just a second ago?” Frankie asked.

“No,” replied Freddie, “smooth as always.”

Frankie’s wings buzzed in frustration. “I really think I felt something when I flew through. It was like something was tugging on me.”

Freddie glanced at the corner. “I don’t see anything. It’s all in your mind.” He laughed. “Oh, or maybe this is a haunted garage! Was a ghost trying to get you?”

“Whatever.” Frankie shook his head and flew from the wall. The flies cut their afternoon short and flew on home.

The next day, Frankie, Freddie, and their friends met up to decide where they would hang out for the day. After tossing around several ideas, they decided to head over to the new “in spot”— the garage. As the flies began their assault on the air space of the garage, they assembled in single file order and flew around the top of the garage to graze each of the four corners.

Frankie led the way and, after flying through the front right corner, he was positive this time that he had been slowed down. Glancing back over his wings, he didn’t see anything, but he knew it wasn’t his imagination. He landed on the wall and waited for the others. All of the flies flew through the same spot with Freddie bringing up the rear. They joined Frankie on the wall, and, just like the day before, he mentioned that he felt a little grab, a little pull, as he went through the right corner.

None of the other flies noticed anything and wondered if Frankie was coming down with something. Once again, Freddie shook his head at his best buddy. “You are being way too sensitive. Lighten up!”

Frankie listened to his friends and nodded to pacify them, but he knew he felt something...and he didn’t like that feeling one bit. Something about it just wasn’t right.

Samantha methodically spun her silk. Her house was almost complete.

Several days later, Frankie and Freddie were hanging out when Freddie said, “Let’s go over to the garage and see if anything is going on.”

“No, Freddie,” Frankie began, wings fluttering as he remembered the mysterious tug of his body, “I don’t think I want to go. Not today or any day. I’ve had enough of that place.”

“Oh, come on, Frankie,” Freddie pleaded. “There is nothing going on here. Let’s go just one more time.”

Frankie shook his head. “Man, I’m just not feeling it.”

Freddie shrugged. “Suit yourself, but I’m going. I’ll see you later.”

Freddie made the short flight to the garage, and up and down and round and round he flew. He landed on the leftover food in the pet bowl, skimmed the water bowl, then took off for the 360 degrees flight to graze the four corners.

Freddie flew through one, through two, through three corners and then into the fourth corner, which was located in the front right hand corner of the garage. Suddenly, he was stopped in midair.

He couldn’t move!

What’s going on? Freddie thought frantically. His heart was beating, his wings were vibrating, but he was going nowhere. The more he struggled to fly, the more tangled he became. Soon, there was a new movement bouncing Freddie’s cage. He glanced up in dread to see eight legs and eight big black eyes heading his way.

Several days later and after an extensive search, Frankie and his friends flew to the garage in a desperate last attempt to find Freddie. After searching around the garage for a few minutes, they finally spotted a clump of web on the garage floor. Someone must have been cleaning up cobwebs. After closer examination, the flies were aghast!

To Frankie’s horror, he spied a broken wing and a foot sticking out from the tangled cobweb and knew immediately it was his best buddy Freddie. The flies were deeply saddened. After trying in vain to drag the fallen web out of the garage, they flew to tell the queen what they had discovered.

After the queen listened to the story, she nodded her head slowly and said, “Boys, always remember...

* * * * * * *

Make good choices,

for the chains of choices are too

light to be felt

until they are too heavy to be broken.

* * * * * * *

*Chew On This: Fifty-Two Inspirational Points to Ponder is available for purchase here!