"Listen and Awaken"

"Beloved ones of Earth, it is now time to awaken to the deep urges and callings from deep within. Your Higher Selves are speaking to you all at this time, and it is imperative that you tune out the distractions and dramas of the world that you live in and listen to this voice. The coming year will be one of hard work and personal satisfaction so long as you open your mind, your heart, and your eyes to the new energies and truths that are beginning to circle around and through you. This year is a call to action in the sense that it is time for you to truly be your authentic selves. The illusions are cracking and will eventually break. Those of you who have remained open minded and have been listening to the inner guidance provided by Spirit and your Higher Selves will find this reveal and transformation freeing and uplifting. Those of you who cling to old and unhealthy patterns and lifestyles and keep your heart, mind, and eyes closed will feel as though your world has shattered. This is truly a year of self discovery and stepping into your true potential. It is coming, regardless of if you are ready or not. The choice here will be deciding if you are willing to bravely embrace the new, the fresh, and the unknown to become your true self, or if you decide to remain within your comfort zone. Choose to see and live beyond the illusion, and let the new energies fill you excitement, growth, and expansion. It is okay to feel overwhelmed and it is okay to feel as though you are not ready, but you must be willing to make positive changes and take steps forward when you are called to do so. We are helping and supporting all of you. You must only invite us in so we may actively do so. For this month, we ask that you practice meditation through doing what you love. Anything that you love or that brings you peace and joy keeps your mind in the Present and focused on the task at hand. This strengthens your connection to Spirit and your Higher Self, allowing for divine guidance to more easily settle into your conscious mind, and also raises your vibrations and promotes healing through the massive love energy projected from you. Do not delay, for this is a way that you honor your soul and your soul's purpose, and how you learn to listen to Spirit. The deeply rooted needs and wants of your soul are begging to be heard. Listen to them and awaken. It is time."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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