"Beloved ones of Earth, take a bow and allow yourself to clap for ALL that you have overcome and accomplished this year. 2019 has been tumultuous for many, and now the gateway for growth, expansion, and change is upon you. You all will be provided with so many opportunities within the coming months to set in motion the beginning of your dreams becoming your reality, but for now we wish for you all to take a breath and rest. Allow this month to be one in which you hibernate, so to speak. Spend time with loved ones and close friends, but also spend time with yourself. Listen to what you soul needs and want in order to regroup from the past year, and don't be afraid to make your wants and needs a priority now. Rest is just as important as action, and now it is time to rest. Many of you will find that you need more sleep and down time, and let yourself have this time. Take a breath and just be. Much good is coming and we are proud of all of you. There will be much to do in the coming year, but for now, rest."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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