"Now the Release"

"Beloved ones of Earth, many of you have been navigating through emotional upheavals. Some of you understand that it is time to release what no longer serves you and are actively working through this process in order to usher out the old smoothly. Some of you have been blindsided and have been suffering from the unknown cause of misery that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere. Dear ones, the collective is indeed experiencing a massive shift. The entire year of 2019 has been preparing for this shift. For much of the year, those of you who understood and were aware of this ascension were in the eye of the storm, so to speak. Now we are moving you along with everyone else back into the eye wall. This does not need to cause fear. This is an individual internal journey that, yes, will impact the external as a whole...but the results on a global level will make way for the Age of Peace and Understanding. Ride the waves, do not try to resist them. Everything that you are and will be experiencing will allow for you to release the shell of who you thought you were so you may rise up and be who you truly are. You are in the midst of an evolution as a species. Do not resist - embrace, allow, and know that purging yourself of the old makes way for the glorious new that is coming to all. It is good and we are providing support and assistance in every way. You are not going through this release alone. It is divinely guided."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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