"Change is Upon You"

"Beloved ones of Earth, our message for you for this month is to know that change is upon you. This is the change that many of you have been praying for...that many of you have been waiting for for so long now. This is due to the ascension process of the planet and the shifting of the planets that have been occurring for many months now. The time is here. You will find that many parts of the life you are currently residing in no longer fit in with what your soul, your true self, wants. This, while uncomfortable and alarming for some, is a sign for you that the changes have begun. Begin adjusting your lives to reflect the needs and wants of your soul. These changes will ALWAYS reflect and support your best and highest good. This does not need to become an excuse to act out, so to speak, but to reevaluate your life objectively in order to determine what needs to stay and what needs to be let go with love in order for new energies and opportunities to be brought to you. This is very good, beloved ones. Do not fight this change, this ascension, but rather embrace it and go with the flow. All is truly well, and each of you are being guided and directed by your spiritual team. Be sure to trust and listen."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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