"Rise Up and Truly Live"

"Beloved ones of Earth, our message for you for this month is to know that all of your dreams and desires are possible for attainment. Decide, truly decide, on what you want in a way that supports your highest and best good. All the doors are opening for you and the Earth has reached a vibration where you can truly manifest what you want. Focus your hearts, your thoughts, your actions and reactions on gratitude and love. Do not hold onto petty anger and resentment - this will only impede your ability to create. This keeps you living in the past, the 'what could have beens', and stuck in stagnant patterns and ways of thinking. Let them go and move forward. This simply means making the choice to not dwell on these negative events all the while accepting that you were hurt in the process. Accept the feeling, find the lesson, then move forward in a way that best suites YOU. Then you will reach your full potential. Then you will be able to rise up from where you are now and truly experience all that this Earthly existence has to offer. There are so many universal energies impacting all of you at this time as Earth continues its ascension. So many emotions that have been repressed are coming to the surface to be dealt with in order to be released so you may ascend along with the energies within and around the planet. Do not allow this to break you or send you into a depression. Rise up and truly live! There is so much to do and so much light and love to spread. Learn from the past to live fully in the present without worry so you may manifest your dreams. All is attainable and available to you."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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