Ellen and Kelly's Past Life Channeled Reading - Past Life Present Connection

One of our favorite things to do is to ask each other to "tune in" to what our spiritual guides and guardians have to say on specific questions that we may have. We have found that while we can channel information for other people and each other, when it comes to channeling specific information for ourselves (Kelly channeling for herself and vice versa) the information doesn't come through as clearly.

We sat down with each other today to give each other a Past Life Channeled Reading - Past Life Present Connection, and here's the information we were provided for each other on how one of our own past lives relates to a present circumstance in our present lives.

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Ellen's Past Life Present Connection Channeled Reading:

"Beloved, the lifetime that we will speak of that is impacting you during this phase of your current life was that of a Cherokee shaman and medicine woman. You had been the wife of the tribal medicine man. You worked alongside of him as his partner as the connection to the Spirit world. In this way healing could take place in the mind, body, and spirit. When he died of old age, as he was much older than you, you took his place. The tribe viewed you as a saint of sorts since you could do so much, but you remained grounded and humble, knowing that ALL had the connection and abilities that you did if only they would open themselves up to receiving and allowing. After twenty years of working in this esteemed position in the tribe, you accidentally poisoned yourself by picking the wrong leaf of a plant (because of your failing eyesight) and using it in a concoction for a spiritual experience. Your three children took over your position, splitting the work evenly between them. The tribe mourned you, but often felt your presence as you stayed with the tribe in spiritual form to aide your children in their spiritual works, and often acted as an ancestral helper.

Ellen, at this time your body has severely fine tuned itself to what is accepts and declines. Herbs especially are a sensitivity to you. Know that there is truly no need for any outside healing for your body. All of the healing work for you, mind, body, and spirit, is truly internal. Karmic issues are being worked out at this time through your bodies sensitivities, and it is also important to remember that you truly need no aide to boost your spiritual and psychic awareness. Your connection is strong and clear because you ARE Spirit. Just as in the previous lifetime, your purpose is to help others, although it is essential to take care of you and your needs - do not 'work yourself to death' when you know you need to take a break or take it easy. You do not have to do it all right away. Listen to what your body, mind, and spirit are telling you, and follow their subtle instructions. Balance and moderation in all things. This will help you to remain in a peaceful state of calm."

Kelly's Past Life Present Connection Channeled Reading:

"We will speak of a lifetime that is currently impacting you. In this lifetime you were the mother of 5 in the English countryside in the early 1500's. The wife of a wealthy landowner. The Lord of a Manor. Generations of this family had lived in this home- a beautiful castle. You and your husband were happy there and so were your children. You taught them all to read and to write, having a love of books and knowledge. You and your husband had a vast library of books and ancient scripts and you delighted, especially in your early years of marriage, of spending your days in the library. You had many servants and ladies in waiting to help you run the estate and tend to the children, but you were always quite involved in all aspects of daily life and raising the children. As your family grew, you did not have the time or the energy to spend on your creative endeavors- your reading, your writing, your painting, your music. Though this made you sad at times, you learned to focus on the tasks at hand and to be happy with whatever presented itself to you. Through the process of allowing yourself to be happy and to just go with whatever the day presented, you began to become much more sensitive to the energies of the house. Ancient energies. Your intuitive senses began to fully activate and you began seeing and communicating with the spirits who lived within the castle. You had first become aware of these presences, these spirits, through your interactions with your children. You developed quite strong mediumship abilities in this lifetime. Your husband and children supported and encouraged your abilities and in later years people from the surrounding area would come to you for help in communicating with their deceased loved ones. You were well loved and respected.

In your current lifetime, you, again, are in the midst of raising a family and of meeting the daily demands that this life brings. You also, once again, sense energies and spirits quite easily and naturally. You have had much experience with spirits and as you continue forward, know that your gift of mediumship and spirit communication will only increase. Do not be afraid of this, ever, and allow yourself to accept and allow whomever and whatever comes. Allowing versus trying to control is a major key- and lesson- in unlocking the next phase of your life in general and of your mediumship abilities specifically. In all areas of life, Beloved, ALLOW yourself to receive whatever Spirit has to share with you. ALLOW yourself to receive what Spirit has to reveal to you. When you try to be in control, you greatly limit Spirits' workings in your life. So just relax and ALLOW. Know that Spirit is guiding and protecting you and your loved ones and that all, truly, is very well. Be at peace and just simply ALLOW."

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