Love Those Essential Oil Sprays!

I have lots of sensitivities and have to be careful with anything that I consume (eat, drink, breathe, or touch) . When I first started using Essential Oils, I was so excited since these were "all natural" remedies and would surely be safe for me. So of course I bought diffusers and started diffusing! But my asthma didn't allow for that. I had been using the oils on my skin- carefully of course- and loving them, but missed the aromatherapy from the diffusers.

Then Kelly created our line of essential oil sprays. Now I am safely able to enjoy the healing aromas of the oils again in spray form! I love the cleansing and healing energies they bring into my space. I spray them in my home office as I work (sometimes the "Strengthening Intuition", "Speaking Your Truth", "Smudge Spray", or "Shielding Spray"), and in my kitchen, den, bath, and bedrooms to freshen the air and to bring in positive, peaceful vibes ("Peace and Calming Spray" or any of the other sprays that I feel drawn to). They all smell great!

Sometimes I like to spray our "Sweet Dreams Spray" in my bedroom just before sleep to help promote dream recall and peaceful sleep- y'all know I love my dreams and dream work!!

We have 10 different sprays to choose from, each corresponding to our crystal bundles and can be paired with our crystal bundles! See our "Mix and Match:Crystal/Spray Combination".

My go-to spray right now is our "Rebalance Spray". I feel like it is helping to keep my chakras balanced and healthy! (I even spray a bit of it on myself and my clothing, LOL! Don't tell Kelly though!)

Visit us in our Etsy Shop and browse around and pick the spray that feels right for you! Feel free to send us your questions or comments.

Many Blessings, Ellen 🌺😃

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