"Be Compassionate and Courageous"

"“Beloved ones of Earth, our message for you for this month is to be compassionate and courageous. During this time especially is it important to have and show compassion for all, including yourself. There is quite a bit of bravery involved when you allow yourself to be compassionate. This requires you to become vulnerable as you access and truly feel your emotions. Many of you have awakened to your true self and will find it impossible to be anything but compassionate toward all living kind. Once the eyes have been opened they cannot and will not turn a blind eye willingly. Do not forget to turn that compassion inward toward yourself as you live your daily life. Treat yourself with just as much love and patience as you would someone you love. The energy in and around the earth is changing and becoming lighter, and as a result the vibrations of Earth are beginning to rise. Just as all change, there is a struggle amongst the humans who have not yet remembered their true selves, and they are fighting against the new, lighter energy. There is fear in change and in moving away from what is familiar, as well as the responsibility required with accepting it and allowing your own vibrations to rise. Beloved awakened ones, this is your mission. With your cleared eyes, show compassion and love to all. Be brave when others may choose to revel in drama, display negative behaviors, or dismiss your actions. Major changes can and will happen through a ripple effect of kindness. The world as you know it is undergoing a massive change. Your assistance through compassion and courage is required for this new love energy to spread across the globe. Let your light shine for all to see in simple acts of live and kindness. For love and kindness, dear ones, are contagious."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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