The Story of You - Intuitive Portrait

When I first started playing around the with idea of name portraits, I didn't quite know how it was all going to come together. Recently, I found myself pondering over the difference between my daughters' personalities, especially the differences in their demeanors as babies.

While I was rocking with my younger daughter just a few weeks ago, I started thinking about what her name portrait might look like...and all of the images you see above began pouring into my mind. They definitely fit her personality - she's the happiest baby I have EVER been around. She first smiled at my husband and me the day after she was born.

This is the message from her spirit guide, Angelica, that accompanies her portrait, "Beloved, your dear Gemma is indeed a happy child - she is a being of pure light and happiness. An Angel of Joy. The bright colors and the full sun represented in her portrait mirrors and expresses the brightness of her soul, her aura, and is symbolic for the richness and color she will bring and shine into your life and the life that she will lead. The unicorn is representative of the magic and mystical nature of her soul as well as her psychic nature. The dolphins represent her ability to find the joy and humor in any situation as well as lighten an environment, mood, or soul by her playful temperament. She will be one who consistently has her head in the clouds, so to speak, so it will be important for you to help her stay grounded, especially in her teenage years. Three is a major number for her, depicted in the number of dolphins, and it will be extremely important for her to keep a balance in all areas of her life, since she is empathic and extremely sensitive to the energies of others, as represented by the rainbow and seven chakra spirals. Daisies are representative of her happy nature and the yellow sparks are representative of her strong connection to spirit and how she will 'spark' the souls of others. She is a loving child and will help to lighten those around her. All is well. Her task is as mighty and divine as her soul. Amen."

Of course, her older sister was very intrigued while I was coloring this yesterday - hers is next! :)

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