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The Uninvited Hotel Guests

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

*Originally published 7/27/18

I will preface this post by sharing a little about what's been going on in my life lately. My husband's most recent military orders are moving us from the north central region of Texas to Tampa, Florida. While we have been excited for a change and a home base closer to our family, we've also been stressing about not only packing up our current house but finding a new house in a small window of time. With a toddler. Yikes.

Last weekend, we packed up the car and loaded our daughter and two less than eager cats for a grueling two day cross country (yes, you read that correctly) journey from Texas to North Carolina to drop off our daughter and the cats with our family before almost immediately driving to Florida to hopefully, fingers crossed, find a house. Spoiler alert - it was a success! Woohoo!

Our first night in Florida, my husband and I were staying at an inn in a town that consisted of areas that were either very nice or very sketchy.

I'm always a little on edge whenever I stay overnight in areas I'm not familiar with or in hotels because I seem to attract ghosts everywhere I go. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to be optimistic that I'll actually get to sleep all the way through the night and not be bothered by people wanting to tell me how they died. This night was no different.

After waking up from a dream halfway through the night, I was soon approached by an elderly woman who showed me that she'd been struck and killed by a car as she was walking through a parking lot. She said she'd missed her opportunity to go into the light and was hoping I would help her cross over.

As soon as she walked into the light and toward the angel waiting for her, another woman approached me. As she showed me the trunk of an old beat up car parked underneath a stained concrete bridge, I knew she'd been murdered and that her body had been left to decompose in the Florida heat. She said her case had never been solved, but she was finally ready to let go and have peace. After she crossed over, I was finally able to drift back off to sleep.

But not for long.

When I woke up again, in my mind's eye I could see a single file line of souls starting at the side of my bed winding through our suite and past the door, filling the hallway. The collective plea was that the portal of white light be opened for them to pass through. I prayed that angels would assist since there were just so many of them, and then asked for the light to return.

When I finally felt the last presence leave the room, I rolled over in a desperate attempt to find sleep once more. Just as I had almost slipped back into Dream Land, I sensed a persistent tapping on my arm and heard in my head, "Can you please open the light again? I didn't make it before you closed it, and I'd really like to move on?"

How can you say no to that?


We stayed at an inn on the military base my husband will soon be working at for the remainder of our stay. Thankfully, all was quiet until the very last night. I very distinctly saw a little boy with shaggy sandy blonde hair pop up over the foot of the bed just enough so I could only see the top of his head down to his blue eyes. When I asked him if he had any grandparents who'd passed over, his head snapped sharply to the right, and he suddenly called out, "Mimi!" He leapt off the floor and into her arms. They turned and walked back through the light on the other side of the room.

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