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Crystals as Spiritual Tools: Part 1

What Are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally formed solids, and are characterized by containing atoms arranged in a repeating lattice pattern. They are formed within the earth's surface, and are identified as either rocks, minerals, or gemstones. Each type of crystal, although containing a unique atomic make-up, can have various shapes, colors, and sizes. While technology has increased the amount of man-made crystals, natural crystals have been birthed by the earth for millions of years, and have even been discovered in prehistoric graves and the remains of civilization from many different cultures all over the world.


How Do Crystals Work?

Scientific studies have shown that each type of crystal vibrates at a specific frequency, holds heat and electricity, can hold and release energy, can focus and condense energy, can intensify the frequency of light, directs energy, and even emits its own energy. It is the energy of the crystal that promotes healing; however, the healing that occurs is through the human energy systems instead of the physical human body. Even though a large amount of scientific study and research has been dedicated to understanding exactly how crystals work, there is still much left to be uncovered. It is certain that ancient cultures, civilizations around the world, and ancient texts and scripture, from Chinese medicine to Greek philosophers and even Biblical scripture, referenced the usage and healing properties of crystals.

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