Ellen and Kelly's Past Life Channeled Reading - Basic Description

One of our favorite things to do is to ask each other to "tune in" to what our spiritual guides and guardians have to say on specific questions that we may have. We have found that while we can channel information for other people and each other, when it comes to channeling specific information for ourselves (Kelly channeling for herself and vice versa) the information doesn't come through as clearly.

We sat down with each other today to give each other a Past Life Channeled Reading - Basic Description, and here's the general information we were provided for each other on three of our own past lives.

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Ellen's Three Past Lives (General Descriptions)

  • 18th century merchant: (Male) He worked primarily with Spain and France with fish distribution and fishermen but lived in France. He was the head of a large family and was very wealthy. He was very greedy with fortune, although very generous when the end result of the generous act would benefit him or his family and friends. Gluttonous - he could never have too much and always wanted more. He was a very prominent member of the community because of his wealth and business sense. He was loved by his family and the rich. He was hated by the poor, although he did not care what the poor thought because he considered himself so far above them. Died mid forties by cholera.

  • European wise woman: (Female) She was the wife of a farmer with three children (only two survived to adulthood). Great Britain. Worked as the medicinal wise woman and midwife of the village specializing in foraging herbs and mixing them for medicine. She taught several others the art of herbalism, including her children, and saved countless people through her skills and talents. She lived into her seventies and continued to practice her skills and help others until her death. She was beloved and revered by the villagers in a time before the witch hunt began.

  • Medieval knight: (Male) He was a Christian knight involved in the witch hunt tasked in finding "witches" in the English community. He instead secretly helped them escape because he had been saved by a wise woman when he was a child and knew that they were not evil. One of his fellow knights discovered what he was doing and drowned him in a river for betraying the crown. Died early - mid twenties - but saved close to fifty people through his actions.

Kelly's Three Past Lives (General Descriptions)

  • Singer for a medieval traveling consortium - In this lifetime, Kelly was a beautiful gypsy girl who sang and performed palm readings. She traveled with this group that consisted of her family and extended family. Her grandmother taught her to read palms and to mix herbal remedies for sale as they traveled from town to town. They were run out of several towns for practices that were not always reputable. She married and had 7 children and was always dedicated to her family and their lineage as traveling healers/performers.

  • English noble woman who was married to a high ranking officer in the British government. Early 1600's. She was charged with infidelity, though she was not unfaithful to her husband. She was hanged for this crime though innocent. In this lifetime she was interested in all things of a supernatural orientation and this was the basis of the charges brought against her by her husband. He was embarrassed by her 'base and common' interests and trumped up these charges of infidelity against her.

  • Wealthy merchant in Venice (male) who imported and exported goods to India and China. He was killed along the great Merchant Road by bandits. He was an honest merchant who was always compassionate to the poor that he met in his travels. He contributed much to his community and was beloved by all. He had several wives along his travel routes and many children. He was in his late 50's when he died and it remained a mystery to his wives that he had more than one family. His community and families assumed that he died but never knew for sure what had befallen him.

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