"There's No Such Thing As Luck"

"Dear ones of Earth, know this and remember that there is no such thing as luck. Everything that comes to you, crosses your path, or seemingly falls into your lap is done so for a specific purpose. This could be for a particular lesson you are destined to learn, because you attracted it to yourself through your own thoughts, through dedication and hard work to achieve a goal, or because of the divine spiritual forces at play behind the scenes. 'Synchronicities' and 'coincidences' do not exist. There is a purpose for everything that happens or that is brought to you in this Earthly experience. Remember, you have the great ability to manifest your dreams and desires - just be open to the opportunities and options that arise as you focus your intentions on your goals. Keeping an open mind allows us the freedom to deliver you to your destiny through 'luck,' 'synchronicities,' and 'coincidences.' Let your daily prayers focus on learning to trust in our guidance and to listen to your own intuition when making decisions and choices. By doing this, you will always find optimism and good fortune mingled within the growing pains along your journey. That is all, dear ones. Go in peace and love, and know that we are always near and assisting you in every way. You need only ask and listen."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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