"Leave the Fear Behind"

"Dear ones of Earth, as you journey forward into the world, one that seems so bleak, hopeless, and full of hatred, know that there is nothing to fear. You are the light bringers. You are the ones that dispel the darkness and the hatred with your inner light, your confidence, and your love. You have nothing to fear. You are always protected by legions of angelic and spiritual forces that have been tasked to ensure your safety. By trusting that you are loved, guided, and protected and by following your intuition you cannot be led astray or brought to any true harm. The soul is eternal and connected directly to the source of love - Spirit, Creator, God, the names are endless. Always act from love, never fear. Always choose to view the world from a perspective of love, never fear. This does not mean to abandon caution - that is where your gut feelings, intuition, and inner guidance come into play - but it does mean trusting that we are always with you, surrounding and protecting you, as you fulfill the soul journey you yourself planned for this lifetime. Bring the light through acts of love and leave the fear behind. That is all, dear ones. Journey forward in confidence and love. We are surrounding you always and guiding you subtly. Listen and know that we are near. When fear sets in, ask us to show you we are near. You may be surprised in the gentle loving ways we reveal ourselves to you."

*This message was intuitively channeled through Kelly from her spirit guide Robert.

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