We offer the following services in our Shop in order to provide you with an understanding of the guidance and direction your spiritual guardians are sharing with you. 

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Channeled Readings

We are all connected to Spirit because we are all Spirit living a physical experience. Because of this, we are constantly being given guidance and direction from our spiritual guides and guardians. A channeled reading provides a message directly from Spirit to you. Please visit our Shop to choose between our variety of channeled reading listings.

Crystal Grid Healing

Energy work, through touch or distance, is important for keeping our chakras balanced, clearing blockages, and keeping fresh and positive energy circulated in, through, and around us. Crystals have powerful vibrations and properties that can positively influence your life! Crystal Grids are tools that use sacred geometry to focus and amplify the energies within the crystals in order to bring about healing in any area of your life. Please visit our Shop to purchase a crystal grid healing session

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Distance Reiki

Because energy is not limited to the physical body or to distance, distance Reiki is performed by the practitioner connecting to the client's energy field/aura and intuitively sending healing energy through intention. Instead of the practitioner using their physical body to direct the healing energy into the client's physical body, the practitioner uses their spiritual body to direct the healing energy into he client's spiritual body. Please visit our Shop to purchase a distance reiki session.

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All sessions are strictly confidential.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals, psychiatrists, or psychologists. Any help that we offer is to be used as a complement to, not a replacement of, any medical treatment that you are currently receiving. 

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