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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that typically uses a "laying of the hands" approach to restoring health and balance to the energetic/spiritual body which then works to restore health and balance to the physical and emotional bodies.

What is Distance Reiki?

Because energy is not limited to the physical body or to distance, distance Reiki is performed by the practitioner connecting to the client's energy field/aura and intuitively sending healing energy through intention. Instead of the practitioner using their physical body to direct the healing energy into the client's physical body, the practitioner uses their spiritual body to direct the healing energy into the client's spiritual body.

How Do I Prepare For a Distance Reiki Session?

  1. First and foremost, be open and accepting to the energy that your body will be receiving. If you are closed off from receiving, you will not experience the full healing effect of the energy.

  2. Notify us of any areas of concern or focus when placing your order.

  3. Optional: You will receive a specific time in which your session will occur. If you wish, you can take a meditative or relaxing position for the duration of the session. Otherwise, continue to be open and accepting of the energy that your body will be receiving, and be willing to release any negative energy that you body may be holding onto during the session.

*Please note: every Reiki session is different. This means that what you may or may not experience varies from session to session and person to person. Just remain open and accepting to the healing energies coming to you, and be willing to release what is no longer beneficial for your best and highest good - view the sensations that may accompany the session as a bonus to the healing that your spiritual, emotional, and physical body will experience.  

What is Included in A Thirty Minute Distance Reiki Session?

This distance Reiki session is broken into three segments: "Before," "During," and "After."


  • After centering and preparing myself for the session, I will pull an oracle card from your deck of choice to guide the healing session.

  • I will then check to see which chakras are closed through the use of a crystal pendulum and send healing energies to the closed chakras to open them. 


  • ​​I will send Reiki energy to your spiritual body.


  • Once the thirty minute session has ended, I will write down notes of what was experienced during the session for you to review. (See report template below.)

  • I will then pull another oracle card from your deck of choice to serve as a guide for you going forward from the session and check to ensure your chakras are still opened. 

  • A message from your spirit guides and/or angels in regards to the healing within your specific session and any additional information they want to share with you will be channeled for you. 

What is Included in A Fifteen Minute Chakra Clearing Session?

  1. An energetic scan is conducted to determine any blockages in each chakra.

  2. Reiki energy is sent to each of the chakras during a fifteen minute healing session. 

  3. Blockages are removed so healing may begin.

  4. Detailed notes of your session are recorded (includes visions, messages, helpers, etc) 

  5. Oracle card pull to guide you going forward from the session.

  6. Final chakra check.

  7. Channeled message from your spiritual team in regards to your session and guidance just for you. 

What Will I Receive After My Session Has Ended?

Within an hour after your distance Reiki session has ended, you will receive an overview of the session in the form of a detailed report as well as a channeled message from your spiritual team. 

* Kelly is a certified Reiki practitioner, not a medical professional. While Reiki is a wonderful healing  technique, it should be used as a complement to, not a replacement of, any medical treatment you are currently receiving. 

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