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  1. Are you seeking to increase your psychic/intuitive abilities?

  2. Are you searching for guidance for on your spiritual development journey?

  3. Are you looking for answers regarding their life's purpose?

  4. Are you struggling to fit in or consider yourself an empath, introvert, highly sensitive, and/or spiritually sensitive/aware?

  5. Are you searching for greater meaning in your life? 

  6. Do you feel that 'something is missing?'.

  7. Are you already experiencing supernatural encounters and are seeking validation and support?

If so, we wrote this book for you.


Who's Knocking on the Headboard?
Guidance for Embracing Your Spiritual Awakening

Many are searching for spiritual enlightenment and spiritual experiences, for ways to increase their intuition, awareness of the energies and entities around them, and to hear and see their guides and angels. Contrary to popular belief, becoming spiritually aware is not all rainbows and sunshine and can definitely prove to be more unsettling than peaceful…particularly at night.

We know, because we’ve lived it. 

As a result, we wish to provide our personal tips, along with information channeled from our own spirit guides, to help provide comfort, motivation, and clarity on what it truly means to become spiritually aware. 

Who’s Knocking on the Headboard is a collection of what we consider to be each stage of spiritual awakening, how we survived our awakenings, channeled readings from each of our spirit guides as guidance for navigating each stage of awakening, and tips and strategies we have learned from our own experiences to ease the journey of others.

It is our hope to bring peace to those working through the stages of spiritual development, and to put the rational mind at ease as all the bodies - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual - begin to merge into a new awareness of the spiritual realm and of the energies and entities found within.

Here's what people are saying:

"I found this book so enjoyable and humorous! I couldn't put it down! It was delivered quickly, wrapped beautifully, and they even included a special little card. Thanks for sharing your experiences and wisdom, Kelly and Ellen!! - Katrina

"Great read and it came in the time frame intended! Love this shop." - Amanda

"This was a wonderful book. I wish I had it earlier in my awakening as it would have spared me some confusion and grief. The way it's formatted holds interest and makes it effortless to follow. I plan on gifting more copies to members of my family." - Donna

"Enjoying the book and its rawness!" -Jennifer

Five out of Five Stars from Aaron, Carrie, and Sarah!

Five out of Five Stars on Amazon!


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Each book purchased through our shops come signed with a personalized message from the authors!

Also available in Kindle and print on Amazon! 

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